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EdgeMicro Creates Edge-On-Demand Solution With Edge Anywhere

EdgeMicro, a leading edge colocation company, has introduced a unique solution that delivers edge colocation capabilities to customers almost anywhere they need a low latency environment. With Edge Anywhere, EdgeMicro can customize edge solutions for most private suites and individual business needs, or the company can deliver the edge to multi-tenant shared spaces, customer-targeted locations and existing facilities.EM Vertical logo

The Need for Edge-On-Demand

Thanks to the acceleration of IoT and 5G devices, demand for colocation services closer to the edge will rise. With that said, hyperscale cloud providers will continue to create ways to distribute cloud capabilities closer to the edge while enterprises search for faster ways to process data. According to IT Security Wire, additional trends, like the security benefits of the edge and serving as an alternative to the cloud, will help edge computing thrive. Edge Anywhere is a direct response to the trends driving the need for more edge-on-demand services. 

“Our Rapid Deployment Colocation data center delivery is about flexibility and scale. Our expertise allows us to put our clients where they need to be, when they need to get there. Our facilities are supported by proven operations, maintenance, security, and multiple compliance certifications. EdgeMicro provides the uptime, consistency and reliability our customers demand and deserve,” – Jason Scandrol, EdgeMicro’s Vice President of Operations.

More About Edge Anywhere

EdgeMicro’s Edge Anywhere can quickly give enterprises high-speed colocation capabilities with multiple connectivity solutions. Edge Anywhere delivers 64 kW and 128 kW platforms scalable to 1 MW. EdgeMicro’s rapid deployment expertise allows the delivery of modular units in eight weeks. New ground-up turnkey sites can be delivered in as little as 16 weeks. 

Edge Anywhere is the company’s latest initiative to enhance its edge colocation offerings. EdgeMicro recently enhanced its EdgeMicro Connectivity Enablement (ECE) service. ECE enables access to local cable operators and multiple lit/dark fiber providers from the start so edge traffic stays local. Combined with EdgeMicro’s Out of Band Management Solutions, ECE enables customers to directly connect to local providers, which reduces latency and provides faster service at the local level.

Visit www.edgemicro.com to learn more about the company’s edge colocation services. 

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