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EdgeMicro Laser Light

EdgeMicro and Laser Light Work Together to Boost 5G, IoT Capabilities for Customers

EdgeMicro and Laser Light Communications are working together to strengthen communications capabilities for enterprises and government entities. EdgeMicro is a leading modular colocation company and Laser Light is an all-optical hybrid data distribution operator. With EdgeMicro’s ability to create and manage edge data centers where enterprises need them, and with Laser Light’s on-demand, secure elastic networking platform, customers have access to a network that allows them to share data faster. 

The Increasing Need for Edge Colocation

As 5G, IoT devices and other emerging technologies that continue to require more bandwidth increase in use, the ability to share data quickly will become crucial for all types of businesses. EdgeMicro recently began offering an EdgeAnywhere solution that delivers edge colocation capabilities to customers almost anywhere they need a low latency environment. Now, the ability for EdgeMicro and Laser Light to work together to serve customers at the edge will provide an additional advantage. 

EdgeMicro builds and operates modular data centers around the world to provide powered colocation, cross-connects, and other related products and services. Laser Light Communications is creating an on-demand, secure, elastic networking platform to enable companies and governments to move data as needed to meet the demands of their applications. Together, the companies create stronger, cutting-edge architecture to support digital businesses.

“EdgeMicro and Laser Light serve customers in similar ecosystems that have significant and unique workloads, and large data pool distribution, management and location requirements. The alliance creates a meet-me-hub for networking on-ramps and traffic offloads to support the heightened requirements from 5G, IoT and emerging applications.” – Jason Bourg, Vice President of Revenue for EdgeMicro

To learn about EdgeMicro’s edge offerings and read the full announcement, click here. Visit www.laserlightcomms.com to find out more about Laser Light’s All-Optical global network.

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