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EdgeConneX Expands Internet Ecosystem in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has reinvented itself from a steel town to a thriving tech scene and has in recent years created tech clusters that rival Silicon Valley. Global tech firms such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Uber have a big presence in Pittsburgh in large part due to a strong concentration of EdgeConneX Pittsburgh Data Centertechnology thought leaders, researchers and skilled workforce. The Pittsburgh tech sector is reported to have generated $22 billion over the last decade and has earned a spot as a top “NextTech” city.  Pittsburgh is also home to Carnegie Mellon University, which claims the first emoticon in 1982 and is one of the first computer science programs in the world, along with the University of Pittsburgh. Both well known in the technology industry and a big collaborative force in the region. 


As you may know, EdgeConneX is a pioneer in the Edge data center space. The company just announced that the Pittsburgh Internet Exchange (PIT-IX) is now available at the EdgeConneX Pittsburgh Edge Data Center (EDC). This important partnership provides essential local peering and connectivity to cloud and content providers, educational / research facilities, and enterprises in and around the city and region. PIT-IX customers can expect greater performance (low latency) and increased security (fewer hops) by interconnecting via the EdgeConneX Pittsburgh facility.  The symbiotic relationship also benefits customers by providing low latency and fewer hops. The addition of PIT-IX brings the number of local Internet Exchanges available in EdgeConneX data centers to 17 around the globe.

“We’re thrilled to partner with PIT-IX in this region to provide increased access to local connectivity to business and the considerable educational and research institutions in the area. A key to helping businesses grow is to provide the best possible end-user experience, and our low latency capabilities do exactly that.  And now, in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region, we are offering new options that help our customers connect with their customers.” – Wil Tirado, VP Interconnection and Service Delivery at EdgeConneX

As the need for data grows, not only because of cloud and content but also driven by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G Networks, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality, Cloud Gaming and IoT, EdgeConneX has made fostering a competitive edge and advancing the best possible user experience, its mission. 

For more information about EdgeConneX and its leading Edge of network infrastructure solutions for expanding and improving access to data, content, and communications anywhere, anytime, at any scale, visit edgeconnex.com or email [email protected]. Follow EdgeConneX on LinkedIn and Twitter


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