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EdgeIR Fireside Chat with EdgeConneX

EdgeConneX – Creating a New Edge of the Internet 

The edge is about moving compute infrastructure closer to end-users, reaching them wherever they are. Infrastructure providers are building out increased density in major metros and Tier 2 markets to be closer to end-users and the massive quantities of connected devices. 

EdgeIR showcases the leading players in the Edge space in its Edge Computing Fireside Chat Series. In its fifth episode, Jim Davis, EdgeIR Editor, and Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at EdgeConneX, discuss the edge data center market, what has changed over the years, ongoing drivers for Edge adoption, EdgeConneX future buildout plans, and more.

As an edge pioneer, rather than speculatively build, EdgeConneX focuses on constructing Edge Data Centers® and regional and hyperscale solutions where their customers want to go. The company essentially moves the internet to where it is most needed — into local markets —across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America. 

THE Ecosystem at The Edge

Over a decade ago, EdgeConneX first solved latency issues to get content closer to the eyeballs. Phase two was about building major cloud onramps into their data centers. And with its backing by global investment organization EQT in 2020, EdgeConneX significantly ramped up its international growth. The company has evolved into a hugely robust network and cloud ecosystem at the Edge. As Phillip explained, throughout all the company’s global growth, what fundamentally “hasn’t changed is our focus on the customer, giving them what they want, when they want it.” 

Phillip further explained the volume and velocity of data — and the variety of data (think about use cases and applications such as Peloton, Metaverse, Gaming, Tiktok videos, etc.) that are putting strains on the global communications infrastructure that was traditionally unidirectional. It is now bidirectional, and he predicts that the smaller edge hubs will proliferate.

There are many significant things ahead for EdgeConneX, including more sustainability and renewable power solutions, 1Gigawatt+ data centers, and robust interconnection ecosystems in underserved markets. As Phillip noted, “the company is leapfrogging from an integration and power perspective.” 

EdgeConneX’s mantra is Customers, People, Planet, meaning if you take care of your customers and take care of the people taking care of those customers and do so being mindful and taking care of the planet – then the rest takes care of itself.

Tune in now to hear how EdgeConneX will flip the model in 2022. 


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