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EdgeConneX Brings Some Magic to its Data Centers Worldwide

EdgeConneX Brings Some Magic to its Data Centers, Worldwide

EdgeConneX has deployed Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI) solution in 16 EdgeConneX data centers, worldwide, with 3 additional facility deployments planned for 2021. The CNI deployments enhance network DDoS mitigation with increased performance and security as part of Cloudflare’s CNI plus Magic Transit solution.

“Security is an essential component of any reputable cloud ecosystem, and the Cloudflare CNI plus Magic Transit provides that critical layer of threat mitigation to our customers throughout our global footprint.” – Aron Smith, Vice President of Interconnection Product Management at EdgeConneX.

CNI plus Magic Transit offers DDoS protection and traffic acceleration from every Cloudflare data center — protecting a customer’s network and delivering clean traffic over CNI in any Cloudflare deployed EdgeConneX data center. Clean traffic is routed over Cloudflare’s network for optimal latency and throughput and can be handed-off over private network interconnects (PNI), Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels, or other forms of peering to the customer network.

Cloudflare Network Interconnect is currently available in the following EdgeConneX Edge data center markets: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Detroit, San Diego, Minneapolis, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Houston, Jacksonville, Portland, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Tallahassee, Memphis and Norfolk, Cloudflare CNI is scheduled for deployment in the following EdgeConneX markets: Amsterdam, Miami, and Atlanta.

Cloud Enablement at the Edge

EdgeConneX recently published an interactive e-book detailing enterprise cloud adoption challenges and solutions. Bringing hybrid, multi-cloud solutions to the Edge solves many challenges associated with cloud adoption, including security, an essential element of the Cloudflare deployment. DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK NOW.

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