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Krystyna Witt, Director, Solutions Architect for EdgeConneX talks Edge Data Centers and Critical Low Latency

EdgeConneX – Bringing the Global Edge

With the rise of loT, Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, AR/VR and 5G deployments – the Edge has become an increasingly important play for our industry. Many believe that Edge Data Centers will bring the solutions needed to process high volumes of data effectively. Low latency is also of utmost importance for these tech advancements and innovations to work.  JSA’s expert panel took on this hot topic in its recent Virtual RoundtableEdge Data Centers: Critical Low Latency Solutions for Big Cities.

Krystyna Witt, Director, Solutions Architect for EdgeConneX®, shared some of her 20+ years of expertise on the panel moderated by Fedor Smith, President and Managing Partner of Atlantic-ACM. 

Participants included:

  • Krystyna Witt – Director, Solutions Architect, EdgeConneX
  • Doug Recker – Founder & President, EdgePresence
  • Mark Thiele – CEO & Founder, Edgevana
  • Jason Bourg – Vice President Sales, EdgeMicro
  • Todd Cushing – President, 1623 Farnam
  • Hugh Carspecken – Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, DartPoints

The Vision of Edge

For 10+ years, EdgeConneX’ core data center strategy has been to let its customers define where their Edge is and in what form factor, at any scale – ensuring consistency and excellence at every stage of the process. As the pioneer in Edge Data Centers, EdgeConneX now operates 50+ data centers across 35+ markets, from hyperlocal points of presence to hyperscale data center campuses throughout Europe, North America, South America and als has a new Joint Venture in India, AdaniConneX.

The company has remained hyper-focused on helping global customers, prospects and partners embrace and benefit from changing technologies and developments. As Krystyna mentioned on the panel, “EdgeConneX has been building data centers for over a decade. We first started building Edge facilities for content [providers], but with the introduction of the cloud, we have seen that both the cloud and content are driving our demand.”  

While both play an important role as Edge drivers, their needs for the Edge are different. Cloud providers are looking more for the business aspect of the Edge, whereas content providers are looking at it more for a delivery basis. 

EdgeConneX Was the First to the Edge Party

As the first Edge play, Krystyna also noted that EdgeConneX is unique in that their clients drive where the company builds its data centers for all kinds of deployments including: 

Hyperscale Edge: EdgeConneX brings their Edge to the world’s largest content, cloud, network and SaaS providers with large-scale, customized builds

Edge Data Centers: Bring the lowest latency, high performance Edge

Far Edge Data Centers: Extend the Edge with hyperlocal capacity, compute, and connectivity

Edge Cable Landing Stations: Enable cable owners and subsea operators to implement the most efficient and reliable network architectures available today

One other Edge capability that is worth noting: EdgeConneX has the ability to run its data centers “lights out” or unstaffed via EdgeOS®, a next generation, patented data center operating system, providing customers and operators with a single, secure view into their infrastructure deployed in any location across its global footprint. 

Tune in to hear more from Krystyna and the other panelists by clicking the image below:

Krystyna Witt - Director, Solutions Architect, EdgeConneX

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