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EdgeConneX and Telia Carrier

EdgeConneX and Telia Carrier Bringing Clouds to Sunny SoCal

It’s no secret that cloud adoption has been on the rise globally, and as such, EdgeConneX has fortified its cloud ecosystem with over seven new cloud partnerships just this past year. Continuing with the theme of ensuring its customers have the very best cloud options, EdgeConneX just announced that Telia Carrier has expanded its network within the EdgeConneX Edge Data Center in San Diego, providing the lowest latency connectivity for cloud, IoT and content providers to support the competitive SoCal market. In addition, according to 451 Research, San Diego is becoming a hotbed for start-ups, which further drives the need for more cloud and managed services.

Cloud Access at the Local Edge

The new Telia route will ensure the fastest routes for delivering content locally, further improving customer and end-user experiences. Telia Carrier has deployed its network in multiple facilities across the EdgeConneX portfolio of Edge Data Centers (EDC) in 27 global markets, including Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, Santa Clara, Phoenix, Portland and Salt Lake City.  

Additionally, Telia Carrier’s Cloud Connect software-defined interconnection platform is deployed at these PoPs, enhancing high-speed connections between data centers, business-critical apps and partners – in seconds.

“Telia Carrier continues to be an ideal partner for EdgeConneX. The company’s global IP backbone is highly regarded throughout the industry and is much sought-after by global content providers, gaming companies and hyperscalers expanding throughout the world, and the IP connectivity that they bring is critical to our ecosystem.” – Brian Bellis, Vice President of Global Edge Data Center and Network Sales at EdgeConneX

“Telia Carrier will support the increased demand for high-capacity services, providing reliable, high-performance connectivity for both established and start-up businesses that are entering the San Diego market, as well as the fast-growing markets to the south in Mexico, We value the reputation, expertise and approach taken by EdgeConneX to data center infrastructure and management and are excited to accelerate growth of the ecosystem in the region.” – Art Kazmierczak, Director of Business and Network Development at Telia Carrier

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