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EdgeConneX and Ori Industries Redefine the Edge in Europe

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Ori will deploy in Warsaw, Munich and Amsterdam to support EdgeConneX customers in developing applications of the future.

EdgeConneXHave you ever heard the expression, “two sides of the same coin?” This is especially true when it comes to our definition of edge computing. 

If you were to ask a data center provider about the edge, they might talk about it in terms of either a location or hyperconnectivity for multi-directional traffic flows. In other words, you would hear all about data centers placed proximally to end-user endpoints and cloud on-ramps brought as close to their users as possible through partnerships with cloud providers and enablers. 

Ask an application developer about what edge computing means to them, and you’re likely to get a much more expansive answer. Such is the case with Ori Industries, the company behind the edge cloud platform Ori Global Edge (OGE).  For this company, the future of the IoT, 5G, gaming and other edge-dependent services is about more than direct, proximal, virtualized access to cloud providers. It’s about giving developers the ability to access and orchestrate all types of compute, storage and network resources that exist over distributed networks across different providers.

OriWhether one speaks of a cloud server, a device endpoint or a telco network, one thing is true. The next generation of edge computing will be driven by how easily developers can place workloads seamlessly along a spectrum that runs from the cloud to the network edge. This holistic approach to the future of edge computing requires a data center partner with an equal amount of vision.

This is where the fit is just right for EdgeConneX and Ori. On one hand, Ori partners with communication service providers (CSPs), enterprises, private and public clouds and smart cities to bring multiple computing resources into a federated cloud that developers can use to deliver exciting new applications. On the other, EdgeConneX is all about finding new ways to help its customers decide where their edge is and exactly how they want their edge computing strategies to function. With EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers in Warsaw, Munich and Amsterdam selected as Ori’s initial deployment sites, more of a good thing really is better when it comes to the edge. 

Here is what representatives from both companies had to say about the deal:

“We believe the way software and physical infrastructure interact needs to be autonomous, smart and flexible . The next generation of cloud is driven by collaboration. But a gap currently exists between the needs of IT developers and the business models of MNOs and other telecommunications companies. Our technology merges the two, creating an ecosystem that gives infrastructure providers the necessary tools to transform their footprint into distributed edge-clouds, instantly ready to power applications in a fast, flexible and intelligent way. Thanks to EdgeConneX, we are expanding our footprint across Europe and new infrastructures providers to help a growing number of developers build the exciting latency-sensitive applications of tomorrow.” – Mahdi Yahya, CEO at Ori Industries

“We are pleased to add Ori Industries to our growing ecosystem of cloud providers and enablers that bring a mix of services as close to end users as possible. Developers in Amsterdam, Munich and Warsaw can locally access Ori’s platform with the services in our edge data centers. Developers need the ability to dictate where their edge is and simplify workload deployment among distributed locations. That’s exactly what Ori’s deployment in our data centers enables and how EdgeConneX can empower the edge for cloud service providers.” – Dick Theunissen, Managing Director for EMEA at EdgeConneX. 

To learn more about EdgeConneX, visit edgeconnex.com. To learn more about Ori Industries, check out ori.co


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