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Dual Cable Landing Stations Break Record at NJFX

NJFX and Telxius Ecosystems are Booming – Increasing Global Connectivity Options with First-Ever Dual Cable Landing Station Terrestrial Connection

The NJFX and Telxius ecosystems are booming. Today, the companies announced the first-ever dual cable landing station terrestrial connection.  With fiber connectivity provided by Windstream, this CLS to CLS connection supports over 500 terabits per second of transmission capacity. Positioned to address high growth through its resilient network infrastructure options, the NJFX CLS  campus is located 64 feet above sea level and offers access to three subsea cables today, increasing to a total of four subsea cables in 4Q2019. The Telxius communications campus at Virginia Beach NJFXprovides direct access to the top two capacity subsea cables in the world, MAREA and BRUSA. “We are proud to be the catalyst of the first-ever CLS to CLS terrestrial route. This is an integral part of the shift the industry is seeing in new infrastructure being deployed to replace the old networking models. The total capacity of the subsea cables coming out of these two cable landing stations is greater than all of the capacity of the previously placed North American subsea cables stretching across the Atlantic combined. Windstream and Telxius are bilaterally leveraging each company’s routes to address customer network diversity requirements and capacity needs. The potential for clients is endless.” – Gil Santaliz, CEO for NJFX

“Telxius, as a world-class communications infrastructure company, is keen to enable the interconnection of two key cable landing stations in the US, offering the strategic ability of network protection at the subsea cable level. A pioneer as the first provider with connectivity between these two cable landing stations, Windstream can offer robust options to customers to use either cable landing station. Our companies are now able to provide our respective customers end to end global solutions leveraging Windstream’s robust U.S. network and the Telxius subsea global network. Additionally, we are happy to be able to offer services over MAREA and BRUSA from NJFX facilities, creating tremendous value.”- Gerardo Bonilla, Head of Sales for Telxius

“Our fiber deployment between two of the most important cable landing stations along the east coast aligns with Windstream’s core strategy to take our national network, global. Our fiber connectivity across the U.S. from Canada to Mexico, combined with our build out at the NJFX CLS campus in New Jersey and at the Telxius CLS campus in Virginia Beach, offers customers the ability to leverage our national network and go beyond.” – Joe Scattareggia, Executive Vice President, Windstream Wholesale

NJFX’s CLS campus offers access to four subsea cable systems to Europe and South America and seven independent US fiber based backhaul providers. Customers can access points of presence in 15 countries across Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

To request a meeting with NJFX executives, please email [email protected]. For more information, please visit www.njfx.net.

For more information on Telxius, go to www.telxius.com.



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