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DQE Communications Offers New SD-WAN Managed Services

DQE SD-WANIt’s no secret that enterprise demand for multi-cloud and hybrid IT strategies is growing at an accelerated rate. At the same time, businesses throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia are continuing to grow, setting up new branches as they push into markets further away from their headquarters. Here, expanding networks and surging demand for bandwidth bring a series of logistical challenges that many businesses find hard to surmount. As a fiber optic network solutions provider headquartered in Pittsburgh, DQE Communications is making it easier for companies to manage their network traffic by offering new SD-WAN Managed Services.

Business Trends Shaping Demand for SD-WAN

Here are a few key statistics from the International Data Corporation (IDC) that prompted DQE to invest in offering a new SD-WAN offering:

  • 72% of midsize or large corporations will adopt a multi-cloud or hybrid IT strategy by 2021
  • Business expect to see a 20% increase in enterprise bandwidth required per year at branch locations away from a corporate headquarters
  • 90% of companies plan to implement a type of SD-WAN solution within the next year

Benefits of DQE’s Managed Services

The goal of this new product offering is simple. DQE aims to give businesses the flexibility and scalability they need to support their growth and access cloud services or off-site data center securely. The company says the new offering will make it easier for companies with geographically-disperse locations to manage their network traffic. Because this is a managed service, businesses can enjoy the efficiencies SD-WAN provides without the complications of self-managing their infrastructure and network connections.

“At DQE, we strive to support the evolving needs of our customers. With our new SD-WAN Managed Service, we can now support customers with branch office locations outside of our widespread fiber optic network footprint. As a centrally managed, turnkey solution, enterprises that partner with us can improve their business agility with the secure and easily provisioned services they need. We’re confident our SD-WAN solution will shape the digital transformation of the markets we serve by meeting growing demand for this type of product.” – Jim Morozzi, President & CEO of DQE Communications.

Businesses employing DQE’s SD-WAN Managed Service will enjoy the simplicity of deploying the new offering. Implemented as an overlay to a company’s existing or new network connections, DQE monitors and manages all installation, provisioning and software updates while providing customers with enhanced visibility and control through an online web portal. As well, the company offers tailored bandwidth options and even next-business-day equipment replacement with onsite sparing available.

For more information on DQE’s SD-WAN services, visit the company’s website here.

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