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DQE Communications Wins Award for Supporting Local Businesses

DQE Communications (DQE) has won the Earl S. Punchard Partnership Award from Comstar Supply, Inc., a Pennsylvanian telecommunications equipment supplier. The award recognizes DQE Communications for working to establish a true, long-lasting relationship with Comstar Supply, thereby helping to create a thriving, local business community in the region. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DQECommunications is one of the leading providers of high-speed, data networking for businesses and carriers.  The company’s continually expanding fiber-optic network currently spans thousands of miles and over 1,900 buildings and 116 business parks. DQE Communications’ growing list of services include Metro Ethernet, Wavelength, Internet, DDoS Mitigation, Cloud Solution, Dark Fiber, and Colocation.

“Since our start in 1997, the entire DQE team has been heavily focused on serving local businesses and organizations to support the vitality of the region,” says Jim Morozzi, President and CEO of DQE. “Although we most often focus on our role as providers of fiber optic-based network solutions to customers, it is important to recognize the role equipment distributors play in helping us run our business. Thanks to Comstar Supply’s hard work in delivering quality materials on time and in an affordable manner, we’ve been able to provide quality service to our own clients. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Comstar Supply.”

“We often say that our niche is in building valued partnerships with our customers so we can provide the best possible service and value,” says Chad Punchard, President of Comstar Supply. “As we worked with DQE Communications over the years, we saw strong alignment in terms of our desire to strengthen the local business community and create a win-win growth environment. To memorialize the strong, long-lasting relationship we have with DQE, we have presented them with an Earl S. Punchard Award plaque and $2,500 to donate to the charity of their choice.”

The award gets its name from Earl S. Punchard, who founded Comstar Supply in 1994. From the start, Earl worked tirelessly to ensure his company’s dedication to customer service, integrity and local partnerships. As a valued business partner, DQE also exemplifies these traits, working hard to ensure that businesses throughout the region get the reliable, customizable high-speed network solutions they need to support their operations.

To learn more about DQE, visit www.dqecom.com.



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