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Data Movers with Jim Morozzi of DQE Communications

DQE Communications President and CEO Jim Morozzi on Network Expansion, Fueling Digital Transformation and Why There’s No Substitute for a Philly Cheesesteak

Jim Morozzi, President and CEO of DQE Communications, is all about finding the middle ground. That includes being the go-to fiber provider for small, local companies, while also providing last-mile connection for international enterprises and reconciling his Philly roots with his Pittsburgh address (hint: he cheers on the Steelers and the Eagles, but he has a strong opinion when it comes to Philly cheesesteaks).

In a recent appearance on the Data Movers podcast, Morozzi talked through these dualities of thought and much more as he dove into why DQE’s network is crucial for digital transformation, how customer service can distinguish your business, what he’s learned about leadership and the one job he’d like to try out for a day.

Here are three key topics Morozzi provided his thoughts on, plus a rapid-fire round of questions that unveil some of Morozzi’s favorite things:

Digital Transformation

These days, access to fast, reliable data is the name of the game for enterprises, especially those accelerating their adoption of new technologies like cloud and unified communications platforms. DQE, which serves businesses, local governments, schools, health organizations and more throughout southwestern and central Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio, is a fiber optic network provider that supplies the connectivity and data access enterprises need.

When businesses think of digital transformation, they might think of in-house process fixes or software, but the reality is that businesses’ reliance on data and their adoption of next-gen technologies, such as artificial intelligence and new cloud applications, all rely on the fiber backbone DQE supplies.  That makes DQE a huge enabler of the digital transformation story of the businesses and enterprises they serve.

“They still need all of these very low-latency, high reliability fiber optic services we provide,” Morozzi said. “It enables them to fulfill their mission much more quickly.”

DQE’s Differentiators

When it comes to big companies vs. small companies and their level of service, big doesn’t always mean bad service, but it could indicate slower response times. That’s where DQE has an opportunity to prove its hometown advantage.

As a partner of many organizations, businesses, schools and offices in a relatively concentrated area, DQE stands out for the level of service provided. After all, DQE’s employees live and work in the same community as many of their customers, which means their service is delivered with extra care by a highly specialized team.

“We really do try to focus on knowing our customers and providing them unparalleled service,” Morozzi said. “You’ve got to be able to deliver on the commitments you’re making here. We live, work and breathe in the community, so we want to be good partners to all of our customers and distinguish ourselves on that service aspect.”

In addition to their local touch, DQE also has a chance to win the business of much bigger players who are headquartered in and around Pittsburgh. This creates a win-win for DQE, which can serve as the trusted hometown provider, but also a last-mile provider to national companies.

“We want to be bigger than what we are, but not as big as some of those other players. We try to find that nice middle ground where we can still be a company that delivers top notch service and not just get lost in processes and bureaucracy,” Morozzi said.

Being a Pennsylvanian and a CEO

Can you have two favorite football teams? According to Morozzi, absolutely. That’s why you may see him wearing a Steelers or an Eagles journey depending on the day. Morozzi, who grew up in Philly but now calls Pittsburgh home is, in general, a Pennsylvanian at heart repping both cities that have served as integral locations in his life.

“You can root for more than one team,” says Morozzi, who can be found on weekends checking out different Pittsburgh neighborhoods and the cuisine they offer.

But as for getting a cheesesteak? His hometown of Philly is still ground zero for the best and tastiest. And trust us, Morozzi would know: “I think I probably know the vast majority of cheesesteak places in Philly,” he said.

As for being a CEO? It’s also a lot like rooting for various teams, as well. In this case: team members, customers and stakeholders. A good leader, particularly a good CEO, Morozzi says, has to give attention to each of those three major components to succeed.

“You have to focus on each one and not give short attention to one versus the other,” he said. “Great employees who are doing their best and have the right kind of incentives and rewards serve the customers well – that happens because of great employees. That provides good return to investors so that they want to provide the capital to expand.”

Rapid Fire Round

As many people know, every Data Movers episode ends with a rapid-fire round of questions. Get to know Morozzi a bit better through his answers below, and don’t forget to give the full episode a listen now.

  • Favorite food: Veal parmesan or veal saltimbocca
  • If you could watch one movie on repeat for 24 hours: “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”
  • If you could try out any job for one day: Framing carpenter

For more information on DQE, visit dqecom.com.

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