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Digital Infra Montreal: Stream Data Centers to Host Facility Tour

Stream Data Centers is heading to Digital Infra Montreal, an international event examining the role that digital infrastructure can play in helping society create an environmentally sustainable future. On November 11, the data center solutions provider will host a private tour for attendees of Digital Infra Montreal, which takes place on November 12. Guests will have a chance to see inside of the Montreal data center, owned by GI Partners and marketed by Stream, as well as enjoy a first class luncheon.

Tour Information

To register for the tour, please click here. GI Partners’ VP of Asset & Property Management, Michael Lee, as well as Stream’s EVP & Partner, Anthony Bolner, and VP of Marketing, Mary Morgan, will be on site to field questions.

“We are excited to be leading a tour of one of Montreal’s premier hyperscale facilities for guests coming to the Digital Infra event. When this facility was purchased by GI Partners, Stream was retained as both a leasing agent and technical execution partner because of Stream’s deep-seated expertise in mission-critical data center operations. The Montreal region is an exciting and burgeoning tech hub, home to companies increasingly making use of innovative applications involving the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Since the theme of Digital Infra Montreal centers around sustainability and climate change, the facility, which is 100% powered by hydroelectricity, offers an excellent case study in high performance infrastructure that is also environmentally sustainable.” -Anthony Bolner, EVP of Stream Data Centers

Speaker Panels

Also, at the event, Mr. Bolner will participate in a panel at 9:10 AM entitled, “The world on the edge – How will the planet’s digital infrastructure accommodate the data tsunami while becoming zero-carbon?” Later, Mr. Lee will speak at 1:40 PM on a panel titled, “Recipes for success: The most important ingredients investors are looking for when making decisions about where to locate new digital infrastructure.”


To meet with GI’s or Stream’s representatives onsite, please email [email protected].

To learn more about GI Partners, please visit the GI Partners website and for more information on Stream, please visit their website at Stream Data Centers.

See you in Montreal!

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