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DF&I’s Scott Bergs Gives Mid-Year Update At ITW 2024

International Telecoms Week 2024 was this week, and the leading developer, owner and operator of high-capacity dark fiber and conduit networks, Dark Fiber and Infrastructure (DF&I), joined JSA for a live JSA TV interview during Day 1 of the event. 

Read about some of the highlights below. 

DF&I’s 2024 Mid-Year Update

During the interview, Scott highlighted what he and his team have been working on up to this point in the year, including expansion beyond Northern Virginia into the mid-Atlantic region into Maryland. Increasing power demands mean an increase in development as a result and DF&I continues to be at the forefront of those efforts. 

AI Continues To Change The Game

The data center industry continues to face an evolving landscape when it comes to AI and supporting those applications. That means DF&I is also tasked with keeping up and understanding those demands from both a capacity standpoint as well as an overall architecture standpoint. As AI continues to present a different communication pattern than the standard cloud computing pattern the industry has historically seen, understanding those needs is critical and timing is key. DF&I is working with its partners to ensure that success. 

Looking Ahead

The remainder of 2024 and the first half of 2025 will be focused on wrapping up significant projects DF&I has in the works. These projects will extend the company’s reach of its mid-Atlantic network and densification. Happening in tandem, large data center drivers like cloud and AI will continue leading the company to new markets as Scott & the team look to replicate their Northern Virginia process in these new areas. 

You can watch the full video down below.

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