DF&I Brings DataBank On-Net to Enhance Connectivity in Data Center Alley

Data Center Alley in Virginia has become one of the most significant regions in the world for business and communication. The area has experienced unprecedented growth due to its strategic location on the east coast of the United States and its advanced infrastructure. The region was home to over 100 data centers, with an estimated investment of over $11 billion. The region also generates significant revenue, with a total economic impact of approximately $3.2 billion in 2020.

The significant need for additional reliable and low latency fiber optic pathways in the region has created massive demand, but there is one company who has it in spades: DF&I. DF&I’s Express Connect network system provides the most significant physical route diversity from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, and the highest conduit capacity in the area. The infrastructure offers over 40,000 fiber strands between Maryland and Virginia and over 70,000 fiber strands within Virginia, all of which are underground. The network was completed early last year and offers numerous benefits, including its status as the newest and potentially one of the fastest and highest-quality dark fiber systems in the market. With six “On-Net” data centers and multiple available conduits on the Ashburn loop, DF&I can deliver connectivity to just about anywhere within the Ashburn ecosystem.

DF&I recently proved the worth of their Express Connect network by adding DataBank to its roster of on-net data centers on the loop.“We take pride in offering a high capacity, low latency network in one of the most critically important data corridors in the world, and now it can benefit even more businesses thanks to our new partner, DataBank,” says DF&I founder and chief revenue officer John Schmitt. “It’s always a great day when we can expand the network to accommodate even more interconnection in such a vital communication hub like Ashburn.”

To read more about the partnership, click here. To learn more about DF&I, click here.

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