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DE-CIX and EdgeConneX Work Together in Munich

EdgeConneXEdgeConneX ®, pioneers in edge data center development, and DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, just shared some exciting news out of Munich today. In order to improve its ability to handle surging volumes of network traffic in southern Germany and beyond, DE-CIX is upgrading its equipment in the EdgeConneX Munich (EDCMUC01) data center to a capacity of more than 1 terabyte. With ample space and power, this effectively positions EdgeConneX as a leading international gateway for network operators, service providers and enterprises in southern Germany.

EdgeConneX DE-CIXThis is a significant win for EdgeConneX as the company only acquired the Munich facility in January of 2019. For the past ten years, however, DE-CIX already had network and peering infrastructure at the facility, previously known as Landsberger Strasse 155. Thanks to a growing number of customers with 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections, over 140 Autonomous System Numbers and peak traffic of more than 36 Gigabits per second, DE-CIX has decided an upgrade is in order. Faced with shrinking space at its other enabled sites within Munich, DE-CIX has chosen the EdgeConneX facility for its enhanced capacity that can support future growth and expansion.

“At EdgeConneX, we are all about reshaping the Internet by enabling customers to establish the local connections they want – where and when needed at the Edge. For us, DE-CIX is among the most important and largest internet exchanges worldwide, who also are a critical, long-term partner in bringing our strategy to fruition. With the DE-CIX technology refresh in our over-15,000 square foot Munich facility, we’re reinforcing our position as a local gateway of choice for customers to access vital cloud onramps and interconnect with other major networks. In fact, due to strong demand in Europe, we are already planning further expansions in Munich and sourcing a second data center in the area. Together with DE-CIX, we can continue bringing interconnection as close to the Edge as our customers require.” – Dick Theunissen, Managing Director, EMEA at EdgeConneX.

“Expanding our capacity with EdgeConneX was a natural choice in a competitive market known for tight data center real estate. For businesses of all sizes and industries, the ability to interconnect to networks locally and access cloud onramps is more important than ever. This is a trend we see not just in Munich but in our other German markets as well. With our infrastructure upgrade in the EdgeConneX Munich facility, we are further driving our customers’ abilities to peer regionally while remotely accessing our other locations including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, New York, Madrid, Marseille, Lisbon, Palermo and Istanbul.” – Dr. Thomas King, CTO at DE-CIX

To reach DE-CIX Munich, all it takes is a standard cross connect in the EdgeConneX EDCMUC01 data center. Those throughout the rest of Europe who currently lack a presence in Munich can access DE-CIX via transport connections.

To learn more about EdgeConneX, visit edgeconnex.com.

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