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DataBank’s World Class Technology Hub in the Windy City

The windy city is known for many things, including jazz music, 1920’s gangsters, and deep dish pizza. But did you know that Chicago is also known to be the most important Illinois colocation spot with the third highest population in the United States?

The Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, formed in the 1960’s, is now a busy economic center, and home to the headquarters of businesses representing a wide range of industries,   from aerospace and healthcare to transportation and manufacturing. It also is home to numerous scientific institutions, colleges and universities. 

Chicago is now in the top-tier tech league alongside San Francisco, New York, Boston and Los Angeles.  It is also a key launchpad for connectivity and cloud services. Because of this the value of expanding operations in Chicago is recognized by hyperscaler cloud providers and social media giants. 

Chicago’s centralized location and central time zone make it ideal for delivering edge computing services from the four DataBank colocation centers. Due to their location the data centers can be utilized for disaster recovery as well. 

DataBank’s colocation data centers play an important role in Chicago’s initiative to leverage technology to improve and expand city programs and services. Chicago also strives to provide public access to technology within the metro area. It also has in its sights other digital excellence initiatives that will inspire those within the community to completely participate in 21st century online economic and social spheres. 

If you are interested in learning more, read DataBank’s blog here: https://www.databank.com/2022/05/24/databanks-chicago-data-centers-serve-a-world-class-technology-hub-2/

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