DataBank’s IAD2 Data Center Supports The University of Maryland’s Zaratan High Performance Computing Environment

The University of Maryland’s Zaratan High Performance Computing environment is now live thanks to DataBank’s IAD2 data center. DataBank’s facility made the opening possible by providing the required certain density and cooling capacity needed for the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment – a primary reason UMD chose DataBank as a partner.

“Our flagship HPC cluster, Zaratan, will support world-class research at UMD and help our researchers push the frontiers of science,” said Tripti Sinha, Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at UMD.  “Partnering with Databank and others to build out this first-rate data center facility where Zaratan is housed helped make this possible.” 

The University of Maryland is now the second RI Research Group school to leverage DataBank’s data center hosting space for HPC environments. DataBank was called upon in 2019 by Georgia Tech to build a data center environment that offered connections to other research schools, supported a supercomputer, offered green initiatives, and provided new cooling techniques. Georgia Tech’s call was answered by DataBanks ATL1 data center which is located in the CODA building of Georgia Tech’s Technology Square.  

“DataBank knows how to support High Performance Computing environments. We have the right team in place with the proper skills as well as the power density and cooling necessary to host these important environments for college research institutions,” said DataBank CEO Raul Martynek. “We are, essentially, the ‘easy’ button for HPC and honored that UMD has entrusted us with their Zaratan environment.”

DataBank was also proud to be a sponsor of the Zaratan Grand Opening Reception and Celebration that was recently held on the UMD campus.

To read the full press release, visit www.databank.com

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