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DataBank Announces Desktop as a Service

DataBank Reveals New Anytime, Anywhere Desktop as a Service

With today’s mobile workforce, getting quick, safe access to your company’s data and applications has become paramount. DataBank recently launched its virtual Desktop-as-a-Service offering designed to provide just that – no matter where you work and which device you use. Through its collaboration with Advance2000 (A2K), DataBank’s customers that have users on the go can now quickly and easily roll out desktop services which are ideal for work-from-home employees, call centers, field services, students, multi-shift workers, contractors, and other geographically diverse and remote user groups.

A winning combination: DataBank provides the required infrastructure from their enterprise-class data centers, while desktop experts from A2K implement the desktop environment and manage the virtual desktop infrastructure. DataBank’s customers also have access to desktop experts to manage their infrastructure while ensuring the environment complies with IT policies. 

Meeting the high demand of the growing work-from-home and geographically diverse user base, DataBank customers can now service remote workers better, allow employees to BYOD (bring their own device), and support both students and shift workers while enhancing security and control of desktops. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) helps organizations streamline the complexity of managing individual desktops and laptops through centralized security.

“As knowledge workers transition away from offices to become digital nomads, VDI allows for the perfect balance of providing employees the freedom to work from anywhere while enabling secure access to core business applications. Our partnership brings together DataBank’s global footprint of low latency, highly interconnected cloud data centers, and security operations with A2K’s powerful tools and VDI management platform. Together, we are enabling new ways for companies to attract, enable and retain talent anywhere in the world,”Vlad Friedman, CTO of DataBank

For more information about DataBank’s Desktop-as-a-Service, please visit https://www.databank.com/platforms/cloud/desktop-as-a-service/.

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