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DataBank Pushes to the Edge, Focuses on “NFL Cities” in Market Expansion

ATL1 unveiled as part of edge market and high performance computing focus

ITW was the perfect place to announce DataBank’s new ATL1 data center in downtown Atlanta. The facility has unique capabilities specifically designed for the thousands of computer scientists, software developers, IT leaders and professionals located within a three-block radius of the facility, along with high performance computing for partner and anchor tenant, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

ATL1 serves as a High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) for Georgia Tech and houses the Southern Crossroads Internet2 network node, providing high-speed, high bandwidth connectivity to research and education sites nationwide.  Water cooled doors provide DataBank the ability to scale up to 100kW per cabinet without having to take up additional space for cooling. In a unique twist, the heat and waste energy from the supercomputer is transferred to the chilled water which then reaches 90 degrees and is then supplied to the building’s boilers for civilian use.

ATL1 is part of DataBank’s larger strategy to hone in on “NFL cities”, with population centers of 2-3 million people that are currently not flush with the capacity that will be needed for next-gen advances like automated vehicles and 5G. Bringing DataBank’s first-in-class data centers to these areas will ensure the rapidly increasing amount of data is closer to the end user, providing high-quality infrastructure to these significant edge markets. DataBank’s CEO Raul Martynek, outlined that this strategy provides local service with a national reach during his JSA TV interview from the show floor at ITW.Raul Martynek, CEO

“DataBank’s focus is on secondary markets, which we believe are underserved markets. We are committed to building what we believe is the best, highest quality facility. When enterprises look to outsource or cloud and content players search for a location in that market, we will have the best facility to offer.” – Raul Martynek, CEO, DataBank

Another focus for DataBank is the burgeoning computational research field coming from higher education institutions like Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh is another example. This tech-rich environment has unleashed a start-up boom in the area, and earned one Pittsburgh neighborhood the nickname “Robotics Row”, as the city gains a reputation as a hotbed of automated driving, robotics and AI companies. This type of growth requires immense capacity and storage, which DataBank is able to provide with two Pittsburgh-based facilities.

To watch the entire interview, click here. To learn more about DataBank, visit www.databank.com.


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