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DataBank offers Radware Cloud DDoS Protection and Application Security solutions

DataBank Offers DDos Protection and Application Security Solutions

With cybersecurity threats now common in today’s world, protecting one’s data is crucial- and with DataBank’s recent reseller agreement with Radware, a provider of cybersecurity and application solutions, customers can receive the best of both worlds. DataBank, a company that provides revolutionary connectivity, colocation, and managed services, announced its recent partnership with Radware, allowing for customers to manage their IT infrastructure through DataBank’s colocation environment while enjoying protection against cybersecurity threats through Radware’s 360-degree protection. 

“Managing security across a fragmented vendor landscape has made it more difficult and time consuming for companies to ensure uptime and keep everyone on the same page. That’s why we are committed to providing a comprehensive menu of solutions that our customers can easily consume to safeguard their data center assets. In addition to DataBank’s already robust data security profile, Radware’s solutions will help our customers minimize risk and further manage the nearly inevitable cyber threats that occur as they move their mission-critical workloads and platforms closer to the edge.” – DataBank Chief Information Security Officer Mark Houpt

Radware provides real-time security for networks and applications hosted across private and public cloud environments. The security comes from patented behavioral-based algorithms that separates legitimate traffic from malicious to deliver the highest level of security to its customers. To protect against application security, Radware delivers a web application firewall (WAF), bot manager, API security, and DDoS protection. Radware’s Cloud DDoS Protection uses behavioral-based detection, automatic signature creation, and SSL attack mitigation to protect against a variety of DDoS threats.

“We are happy to be joining forces with DataBank to help their customers securely transition and adapt to the next evolution of the internet. Our Cloud DDoS Protection and Application Security solutions offer state-of-the-art, frictionless security to meet the requirements of edge IT infrastructures.” – Bob Simpson, Vice President of North American Sales at Radware

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