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DataBank Bare Metal

DataBank Now Offers Bare Metal Service in More than 40 Data Centers Coast to Coast

With its launch of DataBank METAL, a single-tenant bare metal offering deployed in more than 40 data centers across more than 20 U.S. metros, DataBank can now bring low-latency access without technology or customization limits. 

This new automated server deployment enables customers to extend their unique environments even closer to the edge without spending capital expenditures to get there. 

As a hosting option between traditional colocation and public cloud hosting, bare metal in a colocation data center delivers a comprehensive infrastructure solution for companies looking to strike a balance between flexibility, performance, and cost while maintaining and increasing their presence at the edge.

“DataBank METAL is an ideal solution for many companies as they look to accomplish their edge vision and goals,” said Jeremy Pease, senior vice president of managed service operations.  “DataBank’s colocation-focused data centers are strategically situated across North America to deliver a high volume of data to the edge. Additionally, our solution offers an orchestration layer as part of the bare metal platform. This gives our clients the freedom to manage their deployments with no rules or encumbrances by delivering the solution however they see fit.”

Featuring fast, flexible, and geodiverse IT services, DataBank METAL allows companies to develop, test, deploy, and support their workloads without signing up for extra services they may not need. Additionally, bare metal servers enable organizations to rent server capacity. For more information about DataBank METAL, or to request a quote, visit databank.com or call 800-840-7533.

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