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DataBank Continues its Data Center Growth Streak

DataBank began 2021 with the close of its Colo data center acquisition, which tripled its footprint and continued on a significant growth streak. Throughout the year, the company has also announced data center expansions across its existing facilities, including Utah, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. In addition, the company is building brand new data center campuses in critical markets, including New York, Utah, and Denver

Meeting IT Demand at its Kansas City Data Center
Today, DataBank announced another investment that will support a significant expansion at its Kansas City, Kansas 3 (KC3) facility with two new data halls. KC3 is the perfect facility to support high-performance computing for content providers, cloud giants, hyperscale providers, and large enterprises.

The new data halls will help meet increased demand for critical IT infrastructure and will be outfitted with 1MW of 2N redundant electrical infrastructure and HVAC equipment. With several diverse energy sources in the area, DataBank can also offer customers reliable, low-cost energy options.

“With the expansion of our KC3 facility, we will be building out Data Halls 2 and 3. The project’s scope includes adding 9,300 sq. ft. in Data Hall 2 and 8,050 sq. ft. in Data Hall 3 and adding 2MW of capacity to the building. Kansas City is a market where we have demand, and we’re looking to max out that facility by building out the other two data halls. This is a significant expansion that will triple the sellable white space across the footprint of the entire facility,” said Tony Qorri, Vice President of Construction for DataBank.

For more information about KC3, please visit https://www.databank.com/data-centers/central/ or read the full announcement HERE.

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