Data Movers with NJFX’s Gil Santaliz: Next-Gen Telecom Pros, Connectivity Ecosystems and the Evolution of the Cable Landing Station

In the latest enlightening episode of Data Movers, Gil Santaliz, Founder and CEO of NJFX, joins hosts Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Evan Kirstel to talk about bringing a new generation of telecom pros into the industry, what motivates him and how he envisions his company will innovate for the future. 

Gil’s story starts with an idea sparked more than two decades ago, about making New Jersey a true disaster recovery site for Lower Manhattan. 

 “OTT’s like Facebook and Google have realized the shortcomings of what to do when landing a cable. In the past, everything landed in Long Island, New Jersey and all went back to a central location in lower Manhattan. We learned quickly in 2012 after Superstorm Sandy that’s a disaster waiting to happen. The OTTs have made investments like the one in our building and they have an open policy. We have future-proofed how communications work.” – Gil Santaliz, Founder/CEO, NJFX  

There’s no question that Gil likes to get creative with solutions. He knows technology is changing every day and it’s the industry’s job to just keep up. It’s why he empowers his team to grow, learn and try innovative things. Gil says his team at NJFX is built on trust and a get-it-done attitude and that is why he chooses colleagues that he knows he can trust. He wants them to want to do whatever it takes to make the business successful by working across the team and alongside their peers. If a potential team member has those qualities, he will then look at their competency level. Certain things you can teach, but the core values that he wants to bring into his company must be inherent in whoever he brings onboard. 

Gil says that is one of the reasons he likes to nurture young talent. While Gil understands, NJFX may be one of the many stepping stones in a young person’s career, he finds satisfaction in being a part of their learning and journey. While under his wing, he expects his team to give it their all, learn from the ground up and innovate new solutions for customers. 

To learn more about NJFX, and its carrier-neutral offerings, watch the full interview here or listen to the podcast now.

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