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Data Movers with Maven Wave’s Brad Foster: The Reality of Data Analytics

In the latest installment of JSA’s Data Movers podcast series, Brad Foster, Partner – Cloud Advisory for Maven Wave, an Atos company, joins the show to talk about how data analytics and cloud migration have accelerated digital transformation during the pandemic. 

Maven Wave: Helping to Transform Telehealth, Enable Employment and Get Your Driver’s License Renewed from Home! 

Companies that were ready to make a quick shift and undergo an accelerated digital transformation saw great engagement and satisfied customers over the last year. Maven Wave set up a rapid response portal last spring, and over the next 12 months was able to quickly help companies pivot to largely remote options for their target audiences. By deploying groundbreaking integrations for Google Meet, the company helped transform telemedicine for leading healthcare organizations. Maven Wave consultants also helped play a role in putting people back to work with job placement initiatives spearheaded by the states of Rhode Island and Wisconsin, including remote career centers and virtual career fairs. The company was also able to aid a DMV to implement a process to renew driver’s licenses fully online, no long line required!  

AI Isn’t a Crystal Ball, But It Can Reveal Telling Information

Foster says sometimes people misunderstand the predictive capabilities of AI. Customers want to know what is coming, based on problems they’ve faced in the past. But if a problem doesn’t happen that frequently, it’s difficult to predict when it will happen next. There was a fallacy that AI and predictive analytics would be “push-button” easy. It’s not that easy. Foster says, you need a lot of data to be able to forecast meaningful information for enterprise businesses. When you have that data, the results can be enlightening.

To learn more about Maven Wave and its digital transformation success stories using data analytics and cloud migration, watch the full interview here or listen to the podcast now.


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