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Data Movers with Involta’s Bruce Lehrman: In the Cloud, at the Edge, and How to Get There

In the latest impactful episode of Data Movers, Bruce Lehrman, CEO and Co-founder of Involta, joins hosts Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Evan Kirstel to talk about growing up on a farm, how agriculture has gone high tech and takes a deeper dive into Involta’s digital transformation message: helping enterprises Get There. 

Bruce discusses the idea behind Involta’s CloudOps Workshop series, a consulting tool to empower cloud transformations, giving enterprises an ally in their transformation journey. By providing expertise on everything from security to governance, Involta provides critical guidance to organizations seeking opportunities for digital evolution. 

“Historically, everyone thought of deployment for three to five years, buy new hardware and figure out the next step when the equipment runs out of juice. With hybrid IT, I can move my systems wherever I want them, whenever I want.” – Bruce Lehrman, Co-founder and CEO of Involta

Bruce also discusses how Involta has grown from its beginnings as a data center company to where it stands today, a hybrid IT and cloud computing industry leader that enables enterprises to focus on their core business by providing best-in-class IT solutions, hosting, and managed services. 

To learn more about Involta and one of the industry’s leading CEOs, watch the full interview here or listen to the podcast now.

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