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Data Movers with Connected2Fiber’s Ben Edmond: Digital Blueprints, Infrastructure Investment, Driverless Cars – and lots more!

In the latest episode of Data Movers, Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber (C2F), joins hosts Jaymie Cutaia and Evan Kirstel to discuss the company’s recent Series B round of funding, explore how C2F is helping to bridge the digital divide, and chat about the importance of purposeful connectivity now and in our future economy. 

Our entire way of life has gone digital: how we live, work, learn, entertain, and govern our societies from day to day, and as Edmond notes, “None of that works without connectivity.” Everyone needs connectivity to thrive in today’s economy. Subsequently, the demand for The Connected World, Connected2Fiber’s platform, has skyrocketed — leading to C2F’s recent announcement of raising $12M in Series B Funding. Connected2Fiber’s “Industry Cloud for Connectivity” is helping network operators build a digital blueprint of their market, and in so doing, addressing a broken process that’s costing the industry billions every year.

“none of [our digital way of life] works without connectivity”

Rest assured, a shiny company jet isn’t in the plan for how the new funding will be put to use. The funds will, however, be strategically invested in C2F’s customer success initiatives. In addition to continuing the build out of The Connected World, the funding will also help those in the C2F ecosystem automate and transform buying and selling connectivity. What’s more, thereConnected2Fiber will be an extensive focus on data science to drive automation with intent to more accurately predict demand.

In the complex landscape of our industry, the importance of partnerships is greater than ever. C2F is providing network buyers and sellers with a “location source of truth” to orchestrate and automate the buying and selling process and provide pragmatic data for go-to-market strategies with real ROI. As the next few years continue to transform our economy, the transparency and efficiency of network buying and selling will, quite literally, be driving our driverless cars and lots more. 

To learn more about Connected2Fiber and this new age of connectivity, watch the full interview here or listen to the podcast now.

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