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 Data Movers Podcast with Chin Fang of Zettar Inc: Stories from Stanford, Cloud Storage and the Future of Moving Data at Scale & Speed

In the latest episode of JSA’s Data Movers podcast, we meet Chin Fang, the CEO and Founder of Zettar Inc, and get his insight on the toptrends in cloud storage and the future of moving data. Chin also shares how his career evolved to where he is today: from his studies at Stanford to founding tech startups and what drove him to launch Zettar Inc. 

Zettar Inc: The What and Why

So, why Zettar? Chin explains the name is a combination of two words that come together to mean “a very large amount of data”; an appropriate name for a company dedicated to optimizing the transfer of mass amounts of data through the cloud. Founded in 2008, Chin began the company with an IT focus. But around that time, AWS was newly unveiled and he knew that it would not be a standalone innovation. Recognizing a development such as AWS would proliferate, he knew he had to pivot, which he did first to cloud and later to cloud storage and moving data within the cloud more specifically. The cloud stores mass amounts of data these days, and when it needs to move it can be next to impossible. That is where Zettar comes in, optimizing these moves and attempting to simplify the multicloud (which is easier said than done!)

From Ph.D to IT

Chin explains he found his career path by pure coincidence. While he was pursuing a doctorate at Stanford, Chin happened to be paired up with an advisor that was the Chairman of the Stanford Aerospace Department. He gave Chin a dissertation topic that  required him to tackle one of the hardest mathematical problems you can encounter: a discrete optimization. Pursuing this dissertation eventually led Chin to working long hours with a donated IBM RS 6000, and because his dissertation was so computationally intensive, Chin quickly developed his IT skills and as he says, “the rest is history!”

To learn more about Zettar, Chin Fang and his thoughts on some of the top up-and-coming IT trends, listen or watch the latest episode of JSA’s Data Movers podcast.

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