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Data Movers Podcast with Avner Papouchado of Serverfarm: Where Aviation, Surfing & Data Center Management Meet

During a new and exciting episode, Data Movers chats with Serverfarm CEO, Avner Papouchado, about his career path, how Serverfarm was conceived, and his intriguing interests and hobbies, that include aviation, surfing and acoustic guitar. As a well-known data center industry leader with over two decades of experience under his belt, Avner takes a deeper dive into Data Center Management as a Service (DMaaS), sustainability, Serverfarm’s expansion plans and more in this impactful conversation. 

This episode also details Avner’s roots in real estate and how he applied that knowledge to build one of the world’s leading data center brands. From innovating across the globe with groundbreaking acquisitions and deployments to paving the way for wide-scale enterprise adoptions of next-generation technologies including 5G, IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, you’ll get up close and personal with this industry trendsetter in this not-to-be-missed podcast.

Reaching New Heights with Serverfarm and Precise Pilot 

It’s no secret that the aviation industry needs to operate efficiently and precisely, and flying a plane is no small feat. Avner talks about how, over the years, as a certified pilot, his attention to detail, precision, and efficiency carried over into his role within the data center industry. His aviation experience is evident in ServerFarm’s award-winning solutions such as InCommand, a cloud-based platform that offers the unique capability to take all physical assets in IT, facility and data center environments and present them as a virtualized service. During this interview, Avner also explains how his aviation experience and preciseness has helped Serverfarm and its customers reach new heights. 

Surf’s Up! 

Growing up in Israel, Avner began surfing at a young age, and he still enjoys this pastime today. While Fiji may be his favorite place to surf, he also talks about how Florida is also one of his top surfing destinations. As the episode continues, Avner also makes a powerful surfing analogy, stating, “If you can create energy out of a small wave, you can surf a big wave – think energy preservation.” This analogy specifically applies to Serverfarm’s sustainability and modernization efforts, led by Avner, which are also discussed during the interview. He goes on to say, “I think surfing is a lot like business; you have to choose the right wave, what to get into, and what to get out of it – and every once in a while, you have to take a wipeout.” 

Ending on a High Note 

For the first time ever on Data Movers, podcast enthusiasts are in for a special treat as Avner showcased his musical abilities with a short acoustic guitar solo, further displaying his vast array of talents. With a love for jazz, Quincy Jones, and everything music, Avner also attended music school and continues to play multiple instruments. What’s more, Avner is multilingual, speaking several languages – with the data center dialect being his primary means of communication. 

Tune in now to this special Data Movers podcast episode to learn more about Serverfarm’s CEO, Avner Papouchado, an industry trailblazer that continues to cultivate the sector with his extraordinary story, experience, innovation and a number of unique talents. 

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