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Data Movers Podcast With AGI Innovations & Aigo.ai’s Peter Voss

Data Movers Podcast With AGI Innovations & Aigo.ai’s Peter Voss: The Future of AI Technologies, Hyper-Personalization and Advice for Aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs

In the latest episode of JSA’s Data Movers podcast series, JSA’s Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and top B2B social media influencer Evan Kirstel catch up with Peter Voss, Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist at AGI Innovations & Aigo.ai.

During the episode, Peter discusses his experience studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to replicate it within software back when AI was in a conceptual phase. He also elaborates on what originally drove him to specialize in this type of research.

Peter is known in the industry for coining the term ‘AGI’ (Artificial General Intelligence). He gives us insight into what this term means and how it differs from AI. Peter also talks with us about what AI technologies he is currently working on in his latest venture, Aigo.ai, and expands on how AI will offer hyper-personalization in the future of marketing, and customer experience and engagement.

Want to learn more about Peter? He gives listeners a closer look into his career as an entrepreneur, engineer, inventor – and a pioneer in AI. He also offers insight into what advice he would give to young tech entrepreneurs.

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