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Data Movers Podcast: Forrester’s Jay McBain

Data Movers Podcast: Forrester’s Jay McBain Talks Challenges, Opportunities and the Future of Channels

In the latest episode of JSA’s Data Movers podcast series, JSA’s Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and top B2B social media influencer Evan Kirstel catch up with Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems at Forrester.

During the episode, Jay discusses the effects the pandemic has had on Channels and the world of in-person events, while also sharing with us what to watch out for in the upcoming year and beyond.

As the pandemic has changed the way companies collaborate, Jay gives insight into how Forrester has maintained their ability to stay connected with the outside world. He also elaborates on the urgency the Channel has shown in trends and finances, and provides us an outlook in regards to how the pandemic has affected the network from the Cloud to Hypescalers, SaaS and more.

Want to learn more about Jay? He gives listeners a closer look into his career (including a short stint at a radio station!) – and how for over 25 years, he has managed or been involved with Channels – helping to scale and connect the dots. 

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