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Bandwidth IG New Fiber Networks

Data Movers Podcast: Bandwidth IG Talks Trends Driving Demand for New Fiber Networks

In the latest episode of our Data Movers podcast, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and top B2B social media influencer Evan Kirstel, caught up with Jim Nolte, CEO for Bandwidth IG, a top provider of new dark fiber networks. After a fascinating discussion on bitcoin (seriously, did you know that one bitcoin is worth more than $45,000?), the trio dove into the increasing need for new fiber networks.

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The rising demand that data centers and enterprises have to share more data faster led to the formation of Bandwidth IG. Prior to founding Bandwidth IG, Nolte had retired from Zayo. During that time, he received a call from friends who asked for help with a dark fiber project. Nolte says it was an eye-opening process that led him and his colleagues to realize the immense need for new fiber networks.

As Nolte says in the podcast, existing fiber in the ground can’t provide the same level of quality that it once did. The legacy networks were built for vastly different purposes 20 years ago when only 400 million people were using the internet. As of 2021, the total number of active internet users sits at more than 4.6 billion. When using legacy networks to transmit data, enterprises and data centers experience too much latency and signal loss.

“We see two types of businesses in the world today: those that have transformed and those that are on the journey to digital transformation, so the need to process, move and store data becomes more critical. That is putting pressure on existing networks. We’ve seen customers pushing 30 terabits per second on fiber, which is enormous. You can only get that quality with a brand new network, and that’s why we see the need for new infrastructure.” – Jim Nolte, CEO, Bandwidth IG

As 5G and Internet of Things devices become more widely used and put more pressure on existing fiber networks, Nolte predicts many incumbent networks will be forced to decommission parts of their network to make room for more advanced digital infrastructure, like the new fiber networks Bandwidth IG has created.

To learn more about Bandwidth IG’s offerings and the benefits of new fiber networks, check out the entire Data Movers recording here.

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