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Data Movers Greener Data Edition: BDx’s Braham Singh Talks Singapore, Ocean Data Centers and Paving the Path Ahead

The countdown to the launch of the Greener Data movement and book is on! With just days until Earth Day, Greener Data’s debut, Braham Singh, CEO of BDx and one of the book’s 24 chapter authors, joined us to talk about his commitment to sustainability and how he is paving the path ahead. A passionate storyteller — whose acclaimed writing style holds no prisoners and often takes it to the edge — is one of the most respected CEOs in today’s digital infrastructure space and celebrated author of the bestseller novel Bombay Swastika. 

In this special podcast episode, Singh joined Data Movers hosts Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Evan Kristal to dive deep into the challenges data centers face across Asia-Pacific, where BDx operates its portfolio of native green facilities and solutions. Named Top APAC Business Leader of Year by WMedia, Singh provides insight into the steps BDx is taking to increase efficiencies, including adopting 360°View, a groundbreaking carbon tracking hybrid management platform, and forging a partnership with NUS (National University of Singapore) and Sembcorp to explore ocean data centers.

Singapore: A Tech Mecca, Sustainability Leader and BDx’s New HQ

Singapore, Asia’s gateway to the world, rich with connectivity and vibrant with innovation, has attracted some of the top enterprises, hyperscalers and data center brands. During the podcast, Singh gives us more details on the latest in Singapore, the world’s second-largest data center market, and why BDx strategically shifted its global HQ to this thriving island city-state. He also hits on the recent lift of Singapore’s data center moratorium and how the government is tackling the climate crisis in this critical financial hub.

Carbon Offset Purchases: $50 billion by 2030?

You’ll have to tune in to this special episode for the answer, but here’s a quick preview. In Singh’s Greener Data chapter and on this podcast, he doesn’t hold back when it comes to the important yet controversial topic of carbon offset credits and purchases. One of the most significant features of the 360°View platform is its ability to mitigate inaccuracies in carbon accounting via blockchain technology. To learn more about 360°View, click here

Are Ocean Data Centers the Next Wave of DCs?

As the conversation continues, Singh highlights BDx’s partnership with NUS and Sembcorp. Through a recently signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), the entities have formed a unique public-private partnership to explore the concept of offshore data centers in Singapore! Singh also chats about the one change, one thing that he feels would lead to a more sustainable data center industry. And you better believe it is unconventional to say the least. 

Go Greener Data or Go Home: Tune in and Be a Part of the Movement 

Ready for the episode in its entirety? Click here to tune in to this impactful Data Movers episode with Braham Singh, a true sustainability leader, Virginia native, award-winning author, and CEO of Asia-Pacific’s fastest-growing hybrid infrastructure player, BDx. 

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