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Data Center Cleanliness: Salute Leverages AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance Software

Salute-AkitaBox Partnership Facilitates a Safe Return to Work for Onsite Staff

SaluteWhen will life return to normal? Certainly, that seems to be a question on everyone’s minds these days. For now, though, the new reality of sanitizing, maintaining distance and protecting employees will be with us for some time. Yet, because data centers are so essential in supporting the internet we rely on, it’s important for their employees to be able to return to work in a safe way.

AkitaBoxThat’s why Salute Mission Critical has partnered with AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance software – to drive cleanliness best practices in data centers and facilitate a safe return to work. Driven by CDC and EPA disinfection guidelines, the AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance software helps Salute automate the procedures and reporting of cleaning teams so that protocol is transparent for all data center stakeholders. The final result is a shareable, date-stamped assurance certificate that identifies building units that were cleaned and disinfected according to both CDC and EPA guidelines.

The shareable assurance certificate ensures that EPA-approved products have been used to eliminate COVID-19 and other contaminants successfully. The certificate can be printed or digitally displayed for occupants to view, helping to eliminate anxiety around returning to work.

“AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance gives peace of mind to building owners, staff, customers and the community as they’ll know that buildings have been cleaned in accordance with strict CDC and EPA guidelines. The key to a safer return to data centers is to have a simple, visual indicator that allows us to instantly understand that spaces have been cleaned and disinfected properly. The peace of mind generated by this tool is priceless as we all return to the data centers to ensure ongoing operations.” – Matt Miszewski, Chief Executive Officer of AkitaBox

“Salute always strives to achieve the optimal balance of people, process and technology. We are pleased to partner with AkitaBox to leverage technology that enables transparency and peace of mind for our clients who own and operate some of the largest data centers in the world.” – Lee Kirby, Chairman & Co-Founder of Salute Mission Critical

“We can assure clients that the data center has been cleaned per CDC and EPA standards, providing a more effective transition following quarantine and limiting the spread of infectious disease.”  – Kristen Vosmaer, EVP Global Operations, Salute Mission Critical

To learn more about Salute, visit www.salutemissioncritical.com. For more information about AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance software, check out www.Akitabox.com/deepclean-assurance.


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