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DartPoints Launches Digital Next Strategy

Infrastructure provider and edge leader DartPoints just announced its new “Digital Next” strategy that combines hybrid cloud and digital infrastructure with the company’s Bridge IX℠ (edge internet exchange) and Liquid Edge℠ (edge high-performance computing, or HPC) offerings. DartPoints has been at the forefront of the edge movement since 2012, and now the team is continuing to define the next generation of edge infrastructure.

By weaving together cloud, interconnection, colocation and managed services into one unique solutions suite, DartPoints is enabling edge ecosystems for enterprises, carriers and cloud & content providers. Digital Next creates a strategic and straightforward way to enhance user experience and increase network performance and reach.

“DartPoints is bringing together the core components needed for modern application enablement in a way that no other provider is,” states Scott Willis, DartPoints CEO. “The explosive demand for bandwidth has created nationwide data delivery challenges, exposing the massive need for reliable connectivity and powerful interconnection. The U.S. needs a next-generation, cost-effective interconnection ecosystem that serves all communities, regardless of population. We’re proud to deliver this ecosystem and improve internet infrastructure and business IT solutions nationwide.” 

The Digital Next strategy comes at an exhilarating time for DartPoints. DartPoints is on a “buy and build” growth path, targeting 212 locations with its unique internet connectivity ecosystem model. 

For more information about Digital Next, visit https://info.dartpoints.com/digital-next.

To see the full announcement, visit https://dartpoints.com/resources/dartpoints-unveils-digital-next/. 

Digital Next


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