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DartPoints Helps to Bridge Digital Divide in South Carolina

News from the Palmetto State: DartPoints is bringing its unique internet connectivity ecosystem model to South Carolina, helping to bridge the digital divide for local businesses and residents. The edge data center operator has closed its deal to acquire Immedion, a Greenville-based provider of colocation, cloud and managed services. 

The deal more than doubled DartPoints’ data center footprint, adding locations in Greenville, Charleston, Columbia and Spartanburg. (Overall, DartPoints gained eight data centers in seven markets throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana.)

The acquisition also bolsters the state’s internet connectivity and reinforces the appellation “Silicon Valley of the South.” It means that DataPoints can rely on Immedion’s already existing, 14-plus-year track record of reliable local solutions and customer support.

In addition to operating four South Carolina data centers and offering colocation, cloud and managed services to area businesses, DartPoints provides the internet exchange point (IX or IXP) where telecom carriers, internet service providers, enterprises, hyperscale cloud providers and more connect locally. DartPoints’ IXs enable each ecosystem partner to exchange internet traffic and interconnect directly through peering instead of relying on third-party networks to carry traffic across the internet, an expensive process that puts smaller carriers and markets at a disadvantage. DartPoints brings data storage and processing directly to the South Carolina “edge,” which reduces latency, improves internet performance and provides cost-effective access to global internet networks.

DartPoints’ IXs, proven to be catalysts for digital transformation at the community level, reduce transit costs for telecom carriers significantly, which boosts competition and drives down the cost of broadband. With thriving partner ecosystems that cultivate interconnection and empower network expansion, DartPoints’ edge data centers and IXs are transforming the way data traffic is managed, processed and fulfilled within local markets.

The pandemic shed light on the alarming digital divide in South Carolina and the lack of high-performing internet infrastructure across the state, and DartPoints is doing its part to close that gap. The company is delivering on its strategy to improve regional interconnection beyond this country’s major cities, particularly to underserved markets that need it most, taking another step toward ensuring every American has access to fast, reliable connectivity. 

To learn more about DartPoints, visit www.dartpoints.com and follow the company on LinkedIn. To learn about the company’s impact in South Carolina, watch this JSA TV interview with three DartPoints executives.

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