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DartPoints’ Bridge IX™ Is Taking Over the Edge

DartPoints has taken another huge step toward making the internet work better at the edge. The company’s internet exchange (IX), called Bridge IX™, is now operational in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Bridge IX enables content delivery networks, internet service providers, enterprises, and hyperscale cloud providers to interconnect or “peer” directly with each other. By peering, these entities get direct access to the networks they need with the added benefits of improved network performance, increased resiliency, and reduced connectivity costs.

As the first public IX in South Carolina, DartPoints’ Bridge IX gives local businesses, schools, content providers, carriers, and government institutions the ability to support local communities and exchange data within the state. DartPoints 

“By providing a vendor neutral and scalable peering infrastructure that creates and encourages partnership opportunities for all participants, we’re strengthening South Carolina’s internet connectivity ecosystem, and by extension, the state’s economy as a whole.” — Brad Alexander, Chief Technology Officer of DartPoints and a South Carolina resident 

For members of the Bridge IX ecosystem, the technology lowers organizations’ connectivity costs, enhances internet experience and opens new doors to partnerships and services. With this investment, DartPoints enables peering with the largest number of cloud service providers, content providers, and carriers across the globe. For content providers and carriers, Bridge IX enables better service delivery via private and secure connections, optimized routing and redundant topology. 

“Ultimately, Bridge IX offers South Carolina stronger, better performing, and more cost-effective internet connectivity infrastructure.” — Brad Alexander

Learn more about Bridge IX here


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