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Vishing Awareness Week

Cybersecurity Community Launches Vishing Awareness Week

A cybersecurity threat facing businesses of all sizes and across industries is something you probably never heard of. Vishing (voice phishing) is a social engineering attack where scammers try to trick employees into giving away sensitive information or performing tasks, such as transferring money. They often impersonate trusted people or organizations to gain employees’ trust. These kinds of attacks are on the rise and have compromised well-known companies. 

In partnership with government agencies, business coalitions and private industry, cybersecurity provider Mutare has launched a weeklong grassroots educational campaign to bring attention to the risks associated with vishing and telephone-oriented attacks, along with steps businesses can take to protect themselves. The inaugural Vishing Awareness Week will be observed from April 10-14 with the theme Understanding the Telephone as a Threat Vector.

“Vishing attacks can have significant negative consequences for a business, from financial and data losses to reputational damage, and we’ve found that far too many enterprises aren’t protecting themselves from vishing or telephone-oriented attacks,” said Chuck French, Chief Growth Officer at Mutare. “As part of Vishing Awareness Week, Mutare and our partners want to arm the business community with the knowledge and resources to protect and defend their organizations from all forms of voice-centric threats.”

As part of the campaign, Mutare has assembled cybersecurity experts, voice protection service providers and service organizations for a virtual roundtable event on Thursday, April 13. Additionally, during Vishing Awareness Week and into the future, vishingawareness.com will serve as a helpful resource of education, thought leadership and tools to fight vishing and voice-based attacks. 

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