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Cybersecurity a Top Priority in Cloud Shift Accelerated by Remote Work

In the latest edition of QSights, experts at Q Advisors are giving more guidance on the state of the TMT industry in a post-COVID world. A tremendous and accelerated shift to fully remote work scenarios for millions of people around the globe will change how investment in this space takes shape for months and years to come. 

As part of broadening focus into new markets, Q Advisors’ leadership believes cloud-native security will remain a key investment area and an integral part of the cloud native infrastructure. Far outstripping any other enterprise IT budget item, spending on cybersecurity continues to ratchet up each year—eclipsing $130 billion in 2020—with long-lasting implications driven by COVID-19 and the surge in demand for Work-From-Home (WFH) access services. 

Q Advisors further believes that corporate networks are likely to see an accelerated shift towards mobility-enabling services. In most cases, those services are powered by the cloud, which will provide a strong secular tailwind to cloud-based security, identity access and management (IAM), next-gen endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools, and AI-based analytics and automation. Q Advisors predicts a heightened response toward consolidation by legacy security and IT vendors.

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In addition, Q Advisors curated a list of 100 private vendors benefiting from increased investments in the cybersecurity space. Download the vendor matrix here.

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