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CTI Towers Stays Ahead of the Curve with Connected2Fiber’s The Connected World Platform

Connected2Fiber announced that CTI Towers, an operator of over 1,200 wireless communications towers across 47 states in the continental U.S., is leveraging The Connected World platform to identify highly valuable clients within CTI’s tower property markets and to assist in the company’s tower acquisition strategy.

“Connected2Fiber’s insights are a big step up for our industry and critical to making intelligent, data-driven decisions. CTI makes it a priority to stay ahead of the curve on technological adoption that will benefit our organization and help better serve our customers. The Connected World platform enables us to operate with the efficiency and effectiveness needed to achieve our growth objectives.” – Scott Crisler, COO at CTI Towers

CTI’s initial use cases with Connected2Fiber leverage the platform’s location-based insight on hundreds of thousands of towers within the United States. From an existing tower property perspective, CTI is able to query The Connected World’s network intelligence engine to identify potential clients that may be interested in leasing its tower space – including network operators, cable companies, WISPs, municipalities, and any organization in need of wireless communication. The company is also leveraging The Connected World to identify and engage with connectivity providers in close proximity to but not yet connected to tower infrastructure to discuss potential tower-building opportunities.

Beyond these use cases, CTI is using the technology’s data capabilities to assist in the evaluation of acquisition of new tower assets. With these insights, CTI is able to understand the market opportunity and competitive environment within each tower property to make more effective, efficient acquisition decisions.

“CTI Towers is an organization that understands the value of making data-driven, location-oriented decisions within their business,” commented Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO at Connected2Fiber. “We fundamentally believe that this type of mindset pays significant dividends for a company in this space and is the key to unlocking growth within their market. The team at Connected2Fiber is excited to continue to support CTI in their growth journey.”

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