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Image of Luis Fiallo, VP of CTA, next to Data Movers Podcast wordmark logo

CTA and Data Movers Podcast Explore the Future of Telecom and Data Centers in a Post-Pandemic World

In the latest episode of the JSA Data Movers Podcast, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Evan Kirstel are joined by Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom Americas (CTA). Together, CTA and Data Movers delve into the world of data center and telecom post-pandemic. While virtual events have become the norm over the last three years, there has been a resurgence in demand for in-person events, and the trio discusses the benefits of returning to in-person events while exploring the necessity for a hybrid option.

Fiallo, drawing on his 25 years of experience in the telecom industry, shares his thoughts on emerging trends. He highlights the leaps and bounds made in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are set to continue growing. Fiallo poses the question of how industry professionals can lean into these trends, adapt and adopt rather than push back and get left behind.

As the industry becomes more connected, Fiallo identifies the growth potential of Latin America as a market for data centers.

“What we’re seeing is the necessity to move to Latin America. A lot of our customers are moving into that region,” says Fiallo.

Given their roots in Asia, CTA and Fiallo recognize the fundamental differences between Eastern and Western business culture. The group discusses how understanding these differences is essential for successful cross-cultural collaboration.

This discussion between CTA and the Data Movers Podcast is packed with insights into the current state of the data center and telecom industry, emerging trends and the importance of cross-cultural understanding.

Watch now to check out this informative and thought-provoking discussion.

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