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Crosslake Fibre Enables Velocity On Ramp into Canadian Stock Exchanges

For the financial industry, speed, network diversity and reliability are of the utmost importance.

And these days performance is also critical, whether it be a financial institution trading between exchanges or consumers accessing high-bandwidth applications like on-demand video and online gaming. And now, with Crosslake Fibre’s new network point of presence at TMX Group’s primary data center, wholesale, cloud service providers, enterprise, and financial customers can connect directly into TMX Group exchanges, including Toronto Stock Exchange and Canada’s premier equities market. This new PoP also extends Crosslake’s low latency fibre route from TMX into the New Jersey Liquidity Triangle.

Delivering physically diverse, low-latency connectivity over next-generation networks, Crosslake Fibre recently built the fastest and most diverse long-haul route providing connectivity services that interconnect two of the most vital financial markets in the world, Toronto & New York. The newly optimized and geographically diverse network delivers sub-9ms round trip delay (RTD) performance between TMX in Toronto and New York City.  It also provides unique, diverse routes to other key financial centers including Chicago, London, Paris, and Sao Paulo.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide our customers with connectivity into TMX Group, owner of Canada’s premier exchanges. Our Point-of-Presence at TMX Group’s co-location facility will reduce latency and enhance the inter-connectivity between two of the financial markets in North America, Toronto and New York.” – Mike Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer of Crosslake Fibre

“We’re pleased to welcome Crosslake Fibre as a new network vendor. The addition of Crosslake Fibre’s network infrastructure at our primary data centre enhances the connectivity options for our co-location clients who provide major financial centres around the world with low latency access to data from our exchanges.” – Sarah Ryerson, President of TMX Datalinx, TMX Group’s information services division


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