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Crosslake Fiber Expands Network into 165 Halsey Street

Crosslake Fiber Network Expansion Enables Low Latency, Diverse Network Connectivity for Financials, Telecoms and Enterprises

Crosslake Fiber, a leading provider of connectivity between Canada and the US,  has expanded its network into the 165 Halsey Street data center facility, a dedicated 1.2 million square foot data center/colocation/telecom carrier hotel in Newark, NJ.

Crosslake Fiber recently built the fastest and most diverse long-haul route providing lit capacity services that interconnect two of the most vital financial markets in the world, Toronto and New York. The Crosslake cable system provides backbone internet infrastructure that benefits not only financial markets, but also wholesale carriers, cloud service providers and enterprises that run high-performance based platforms.


  • The new optimized and geographically diverse network delivers sub-9 ms round trip delay (RTD) performance between Toronto and New York City.
  • From 165 Halsey Street, customers can connect to the Crosslake network for connectivity to Toronto and Buffalo, with new Points of Presence (PoPs) in Montreal, Chicago and Ashburn due to go live in Q2 2020.
  • 165 Halsey Street customers connecting to Crosslake do so with no monthly recurring cross connect fees.

“We are pleased to announce that Crosslake Fiber will be extending its unique network infrastructure into our data center and colocation facility,” comments Joe Simone, President at Tishman Real Estate Services for 165 Halsey Street. “165 Halsey Street offers world class colocation and infrastructure, allowing safe, convenient, and affordable interconnection with over 60 US and global network operators with no monthly recurring cross connect fees.”

“Performance is critical whether it be a financial institution trading between the TMX and the New Jersey Liquidity Triangle or consumers accessing high-bandwidth applications like on-demand video and online gaming,” states Mike Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer at Crosslake Fiber. “But as important, having key interconnect facilities, such as 165 Halsey Street, on our network allows those companies that see the value of the networks we build and operate to connect easily with no recurring cross connect costs.”

View the full press release at the new 165 Halsey website here.

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