CoreSite Announces New Enhancements to its Open Cloud Exchange®

Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX) Platform ‘Accelerates Digital Business Success for All’

CoreSite announced today at ITW 2022 that the company has launched innovative new product enhancements to its software-defined networking platform, the Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX) The automation of additional provisioning functionality within AWS and Microsoft® Azure Cloud and direct cloud-to-cloud communication capabilities on CoreSite’s fully managed virtual routers comprise the new enhanced network services. CoreSite revolutionized network connectivity over a decade ago with the initial introduction of the OCX. The leading interconnection platform provides superior connectivity and a robust and interconnected partner ecosystem needed to reach new markets, rapidly scale on-demand, reduce total cost of operation and accelerate IT modernization.

At a time when rapid and secure cloud connectivity is paramount for businesses to succeed in today’s digital economy, OCX stands in to help solve these modern-day business challenges. Since the OCX debut, CoreSite has continually invested in building out the platform to support modern use cases in the age of digitization. The new and enhanced network services introduce additional automation for the AWS and Microsoft® Azure Clouds to the OCX ecosystem, with several more leading cloud service and SaaS providers slated to join them over the next few months.

“The Open Cloud Exchange provides our diverse customer base with the fastest and most secure way to interconnect their private infrastructure with public cloud resources – and to interoperate with each other. We make it simple by providing our Service Delivery Platform where customers can instantly scale by turning up or turning down virtual routers in their environment with just a few clicks of their mouse,” said Brian Warren, SVP of Development and Product Management at CoreSite. 

The OCX platform serves customers of all types; recent use cases include an IT solutions and managed services provider who was able to cut spending by 35% and enhance system security for its high-profile customers with direct cloud connectivity. A healthcare customer benefited by expanding its disaster recovery and business continuity strategy by adding the OCX to its colocation solution. A recent telecommunications customer leveraged the OCX to easily expand its business operations to the West coast. 

“The partnership we have with CoreSite benefits our customers by solving connectivity and performance challenges from behind the scenes,” stated Morgan Henry, Director of Sales at Atlantech Online.

OCX allows customers to: 

  • Rapidly scale and deploy new applications across multiple U.S. markets using inter-market connectivity
  • Improve network performance and security with guaranteed private network isolation, throughput and lower latency compared to public internet connections
  • Increase speed to market and gain greater control and optionality
  • Recoup expensive cloud egress fees and redirect funds and internal resources to other business priorities 

“The recent cloud connect enhancements are just the beginning. Our internal product teams have been hard at work innovating the OCX to support future needs. CoreSite customers can expect additional OCX enhancement announcements – including new cloud service and SaaS providers and branch-to-data-center connectivity capabilities – in the coming months,” said Matt Senderhauf, VP of Interconnection Strategy at CoreSite.

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