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Consolidated community fiber campaign

Powering Our Communities: Consolidated Launches Campaign to Share Benefits of Fiber Internet for Residential and Small Business Customers

This week, top 10 U.S. fiber provider Consolidated Communications launched a new campaign touting the benefits that Fidium Fiber, the company’s consumer fiber broadband service, offers to communities. 

With enhanced speeds, reliable connectivity and the ability to power even the most bandwidth-intensive applications, like streaming and gaming, fiber internet access is becoming the new norm for broadband services. 

But what’s the big deal about fiber access specifically? Fiber makes it possible to stream, play, learn and access vital services from your home, as Consolidated says in their latest press release. Small businesses benefit by accessing payment systems, connecting employees and gaining uninterrupted connectivity.

Beyond its on-paper benefits, the return on investment from broadband in rural markets is significant. Increasing access and usage of reliable, affordable broadband infrastructure in rural areas and the online education and employment opportunities that come with it can lead to higher property values, increased job and population growth, higher rates of new business formation, and lower unemployment rates, according to the Brookings Institute.

Fidium Fiber is now available in hundreds of communities across California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont. 

Read the company’s latest blog now: “Powering Communities: 10 Benefits of Fiber Internet for Our Communities

To find out if your location qualifies for Fidium Fiber internet, visit https://www.fidiumfiber.com/gotfiber


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