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Consolidated Communications Raises Awareness During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Top 10 fiber provider offering cybersecurity assessments and education to keep businesses and consumers safe online

Cyberattacks cost businesses $3.5 billion last year, and the Consolidated Communications team believes that educating consumers and businesses is key to staying safe online. For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, Consolidated is joining the National Cybersecurity Council in a month-long ConsolidatedCommunications StaySafeOnlineWebsiteeffort to help consumers and businesses avoid online scams, phishing, ransomware and more. This year, especially, as our online lives have taken on even greater importance in staying connected to our work, school, and communities, Consolidated reminds consumers and businesses to stay vigilant.


In addition to offering cybersecurity webinars and assessments, Consolidated has also published educational materials, easy-to-implement tips and additional resources to help protect everything people connect. Find it all at consolidated.com/staysafeonline

“The number one cybersecurity risk is people. The best security system in the world is only as strong as the weakest link. For most organizations, that weak link is one person clicking on something they shouldn’t have. In network security, we see it all the time, most ransomware or unauthorized access can be traced to a phishing email.” – Aaron Reason, senior director of network security for Consolidated Communications

“Within days of coronavirus lockdowns, we saw network traffic go up, and we also saw scammers’ efforts skyrocket. We have robust, rigorous security practices and standards in place, along with comprehensive controls to identify and help protect our customers against security threats. While Consolidated Communications is diligent in securing the information of our customers, we are also committed to educating consumers and businesses on how to protect themselves.” – Tom White, chief technology officer at Consolidated Communications 


In addition, Mr. Reason recently chatted with JSA TV to discuss his top 3 cybersecurity tips for consumers to protect themselves online.

In Reason’s unique role, he and his team are responsible for providing cybersecurity for Consolidated as a company, as well as for its customers. He JSATV ConsolidatedCommunications TopCybersecurityTipsexplains that with so many of us online throughout the day during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is an unfortunate but true fact that the quantity and intensity of ransomware attacks have skyrocketed. “We have moved into a different model of extortion, and so not only can it disrupt your business, but for years down the path it can disrupt your branding because they like to extort data and hold it over their victims. It’s gotten really ruthless lately,” commented Reason. 

Reason also explains that there are a lot of cybersecurity solutions and options. Here are a few simple things that we can all do to help protect and secure our office and work computers:  

  • Improve your password management 
  • Have different passwords for every site
  • Make the updates needed to your computer and software  
  • Be wise about what you click and which files you open

Consolidated is working hard behind the scenes to keep customers safe. Tune into the JSA TV interview with Aaron here. And make sure to visit www.consolidated.com/staysafeonline for more helpful tips.

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