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Connecting the Unconnected with Digital Infrastructure Solutions: Experts Weigh in On the Latest Initiatives

Bridging the digital divide is a critical conversation that our community has been having for years, and it’s still constantly relevant.

Just last week, FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel issued a Notice of Inquiry to start an evaluation of broadband deployment across the US. She said: “In today’s world, everyone needs access to affordable, high-speed Internet, no exceptions. It’s time to connect everyone, everywhere. Anything short of 100 percent is just not good enough.” And of course, the pandemic only served as a spotlight on the digital divide. 

So where are we now? How would you define the current state of network infrastructure in addressing the digital divide? What are the main challenges and gaps that still exist?

JSA’s Candace Sipos recently joined by experts within the digital infrastructure space to share their insight on the topic of bridging the digital divide. Speakers include:

  • Jezzibell Gilmore, Chief Commercial Officer at Connectbase
  • Marissa Mitrovich, Vice President of Public Policy at Fiber Broadband Association 
  • Deana Perry, VP of Government Affairs for Kinetic by Windstream 
  • Brian Vo, Chief Investment Officer at Connect Humanity

View the full session below. 



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