Connected2Fiber Announces Another Successful Customer Story: Uniti Fiber

The string of successful customer stories continues for Connected2Fiber this week. Uniti Fiber, an infrastructure solutions provider, deployed Connected2Fiber’s Market Explorer and Network Intelligence solutions to uncover ideal prospects and make informed network expansion decisions.

Connected2Fiber’s platform automates the discovery and prospecting of new customers using in-depth location, tenant and network data. Uniti Fiber leverages this data for “smart build” strategies based on network reach, prospect presence and other critical factors. Check out what both teams have to say about the partnership:

“We have made considerable investments in our network and team as part of our overall growth strategy in the last year – Connected2Fiber is a critical part of that,” states Joe Patton, Vice President Sales at Uniti Fiber. “Connected2Fiber provides the meaningful data and analysis we need to help us source, target and win new business based on real-time, location-based network and prospect data. We’re able to slice and dice the data using an extremely user-friendly interface to make quick and quantifiable business decisions. It’s a great partnership and one we expect to continue to boost our top line.”

“Uniti Fiber is a shining example of how our go-to-market platform, from the location data powering it to the transformative applications that leverage this insight, can help to shape our customers’ future,” adds Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. “While our solutions provide the information necessary to win new business in the immediate term, our company and technology is about much more than that. The insights and level of detail at our customers’ disposal enables them to make smart business decisions about staffing, market spend, expansion and more. We’re looking forward to working with Uniti Fiber to fulfill these ambitions and discover even more game-changing use cases.”

“Connected2Fiber’s Market Explorer capability has been immensely beneficial in helping insert data-driven intelligence into Uniti Fiber’s marketing decisions,” maintains Lisa Whitson, Marketing Manager, Uniti Fiber. “Having this level of market data allows us to determine where to most effectively spend our marketing dollars. We are now able, with a click of the button, to use Connected2Fiber’s insights to make informed decisions from the top-down, from our executives to our feet on the street.”

The past few months have been busy for Connected2Fiber. The company behind the go-to-market platform for network buyers and sellers won the PTC Award for “Outstanding Network Intelligence and Management Company” last month, secured $1.5 million in financing in October, and announced customer news with MetroNet and Vision Net. Visit www.connected2fiber.com to learn more. 

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