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Connected2Fiber – The Industry Cloud for Connectivity – is Transforming US Signal’s Customer Experience

US Signal is the latest to make extensive use of C2F’s Connected World platform as the foundational data and insights for new network builds and identification of new potential partnerships. 

“Partnering with Connected2Fiber has provided this and much more – transforming the way we plan for customer success while simultaneously helping us maximize our return on investment for each network build.” – Amanda Regnerus, Executive Vice President of Business Development at US Signal. 

The Connected World platform is being leveraged by US Signal to identify tenants along new network build paths in order to justify the cost and increase the economic return of the new construction. When it may be advantageous to partner with another connectivity provider on a project, US Signal leverages Connected2Fiber to search for network providers that would be ideal partners to service its customers along certain routes, navigating an increasingly complex network environment to improve the client experience.

“As soon as we onboarded with Connected2Fiber, our speed to market, visibility and customer experience made significant strides,” added Chad Hohendorf, Vice President of Sales Operations at US Signal. “As we add new buildings and routes to our growing network footprint, the platform immediately updates the view internally and in our partner’s systems. This value is in addition to the icing on the cake: the connections we’ve made to new clients and partners through Connected2Fiber’s platform.”

US Signal also participates in the wholesale ecosystem within The Connected World by automatically distributing their building lists to trusted partners using the platform. Speed in communicating updated serviceability to partners has increased dramatically as a result – moving from a process that took weeks or months to one that’s now immediate.

“US Signal is taking that client support to the next level and planning economically sound, data-supported fiber builds – ultimately providing more connectivity and critical data center solutions to America’s Heartland.”  – Steve Leavitt, Vice President of Sales at Connected2Fiber. 

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