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Connectbase welcomes Qarbon Technologies

Qarbon Technologies Partners with Connectbase 

The Industry Cloud for Connectivity, Connectbase welcomes Qarbon Technologies, bringing LATTICE™ Platform to The Connected World this week. Connectbase users will now be able to leverage the revolutionary LATTICE™ software which is the world’s first SaaS-based orchestration platform for secure, seamless integration of data center infrastructure.

Connectbase users are poised to benefit from an upcoming unified interface. This enhancement is designed to simplify user experiences by tackling common challenges, such as the intricacies of manual workflows and security concerns. With the introduction of this integration, not only will efficiency be boosted, but users will also gain access to easy-to-use, secure API-enabled workflow automation. As a result of this integration, customers can expect a significant service improvement.

“Collaborating with Qarbon is a game-changer,” said Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connectbase. “Guided by our customers’ insights, we took decisive steps to enhance our platform. With LATTICE, users can seamlessly quote and order cross-connects within data centers directly within The Connected World. This marks a significant stride in delivering a more efficient and user-friendly experience for our customers.”

This collaboration directly tackles key issues faced by network operators and carriers, especially in establishing connectivity within data centers. It goes beyond just offering cost savings and automation. The application brings improved security and makes audits easier, while also simplifying the crucial task of reporting ESG data, such as Scope I and II CO2 emissions. What used to be a lengthy and expensive process of ESG reporting for data centers is now transformed into an effortless task, providing real-time, standardized information on power, water, and CO2 emissions at the click of a button.

“The decision to partner with Connectbase was an easy one,” said Robert Davidson, CEO and Founder of Qarbon Technologies. “Leveraging Connectbase’s robust customer network, Qarbonis well-positioned to extend our platform to a broader audience, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for both companies and their customers. The alignment in thought process and market influence makes Connectbase the ideal partner for us as we expand internationally and pursue new growth opportunities.”

“We are not just meeting compliance; we are enhancing the competitive edge of businesses by seamlessly integrating green goals into their buying and selling processes,” Edmond added. “As we join forces, our commitment to sustainability becomes even more robust.”

For more information about Connectbase and its transformative solutions in the connectivity sector, visit connectbase.com and follow them on LinkedIn.

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